About us

Eusko Greeters is a non-profit organization created in 2011 to encourage a participatory tourism and offering a meeting point between Basque citizens who wish to voluntarily show and share their favorite places of the city beyond the tourist circuits, and visitors who want to discover and experience the Basque Country through the eyes of Basque citizens.

Do you like this idea?
Then, request a visit through our website and make new friends!

Do you want to join us?
If you are the kind of person who likes to share your city with others and you are eager to meet people, then register on our website. We are at present holding a volunteer recruiting campaign in Araba/Alava, Gipuzkoa and Bizkaia.

What we offer
Eusko Greeters offers visitors the chance to discover the Basque country in a different, safe and pleasant way with a local friend, through:

  • 2 to 4 hour walks, on foot or by public transport, beyond the tourist sites.
  • In small groups, maximum 6 people.
  • In different languages.
  • No political, ethnic, religious or racial discrimination.
  • Completely free, no tips.

Walks are not fixed as they are based on the people who visit us and the Greeters. Every walk is unique and different from the others.

Eusko Greeters offers volunteers the chance to meet people from different backgrounds, cultures and languages as well as to show and share their city by taking their guests for a leisurely stroll through their favorite part of town.

Who are the Greeters
Greeters are enthusiastic individuals, proud of their city, over 18 years old, who volunteer their time to show and share their city with other people, and thereby, enhance the city’s image.

They are proud of their country, their roots, the past and the transformation of their city.

Greeters provide their non-professional guide services for free and no tips, showing their neighborhoods, favorite places, buildings, parks …….. beyond the tourist sites.

Walking activities
Based on the cultural interests and hobbies of the volunteers, Eusko Greeters can offer   different types of walks, including the following:

  • Cultural: How many times have we travelled to cities outside of our environment and we would have liked to know the story of a fountain, plaza, the reason for that name? Our cultural greeters, with years of personal experience in our cities, offer this and much more to enliven a walk around our cities.
  • Artist: Would you like to walk around the city through the eyes of a Basque artist? This is your chance. Among our greeters, we have volunteers devoted to art who will be very happy to share with you how a Basque artist sees our People.
  • Landscape designer: Have you ever thought about walking around the gardens of a city with an expert in this area? This is your chance to discover aspects of the gardens that you had never thought of.  Ask for a Landscape Greeter,
  • Gastronomic: It is well known that Basques like to eat and drink well.  Lose yourself with a greeter while barhopping around narrow streets for the best “pintxos” – an original form of tapas-, accompanied by Txakoli, a local white wine, and Rioja wines. Request a “pintxos-crawl”
  • Mountaineering: Basque people are very passionate about their mountains and they have a deep-rooted love of mountaineering excursions. We have greeters willing to share their love for hill walking and climbing with you. You will have a great day!
  • Sports:  Basque people love sports, not just football and cycling, the most popular ones, but also any surface water sport. We have a coastline with superb beaches where one can practice all kinds of sports. Our young Greeters love skateboarding, surfing, swimming, canoeing, and they can teach you the best places to practice these sports.

Eusko Greeters’ Programs

In June 2011, Eusko Greeters launched its first program called “Bilbao Greeters” to offer the service in Bilbao and its surroundings. We are currently working in 2 other projects to meet the goal of offering Greeter programs in San Sebastián-Donostia and Vitoria-Gasteiz in 2012.

The Greeter Concept

The Greeter movement began in the 90s in New York City. Founder Lynn Brooks was worried about the negative image of the Big Apple at the time. On her own travels she kept hearing New York was “dangerous and inhospitable”. But Lynn saw her hometown differently. To her it was a wonderful place, made up of loads of friendly neighborhoods. And it was this New York that she wanted to show visitors. Her own personal New York, cozy cafés where she would go herself, the parks and
streets that most people would never hear about in the guide books.

The idea was a hit. Worldwide, and not only in big cities like Chicago, Buenos Aires, Paris, Moscow, greeter initiatives began popping up all over the place as in Subotica in Serbia, Pas-de-Calais in France, or Adelaide in Australia.

All Greeter movements are connected with each other through the Global Greeter Network. Click the link to find out all the cities worldwide with greeter services.